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Unique Xian Tour to Terracotta Warriors and Huashan Mountain

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On this tour, experience both the historical relics in Xian and explore the wonderful scenery of Huashan mountain. Uncover the national treasure at the "Big Wild Goose Pagoda" and the UNESCO world heritage "Terracotta Warriors" then enjoy a full-day tour to Mount Huashan to see Buddhist and Taoist temples, walking through the mountain, admire the spectacular landscape of sheer cliffs with temples that cling on to the rock.

Tour Itinerary Open All
1 2

Day 1 Xian

Our driver and tour guide will pick you up from the hotel in the early morning then take you to visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda at first. The Great Wild Goose Pagoda is the masterpiece of Buddhist architecture. It was built to keep the scriptures, Buddha's statues and relics brought back by Master Xuan Zang from India. Go to Xian City Wall and have a leisurely walk, which is well-preserved city wall in China.

After lunch, visit the Terracotta Warriors and see the facial expressions of soldiers and smooth lines indicating the peak of clay figurine making. The cast of these figures successfully expresses lively characters in different ages and personalities. Their status can even be easily distinguished by their appearance. For example, the figure that wears a head-dress and has a battle robe on, with the head held high and in an iron constitution, must be the general who had amazing wisdom and courage. 



Scenic spots included in the itinerary

Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Terracotta Warriors

Xian City Wall


Day 2 Xian-Huashan Mountain-Xian by Private Vehicle

Today, you will have a full day to visit Mount Huashan, one of the five sacred mountains in China. Mount Huashan is famous for its majestic breath-taking crags, steep paths, beautiful scenery and it is said to be the most precipitous mountains in the world. If you are a nature buff, hiking this trail will bring you so much satisfaction. After the visit, go back to the hotel in Xian.





Scenic spots included in the itinerary

Huashan Mountain

Hotel Location

5 Star Hotel

4 Star Hotel

3 Star Hotel

Sheraton Xian Hotel
Ramada Bell Tower Hotel Xi'an
Ibis Hotel(Xi'an South Gate)

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Xian City Wall

$0 For 1 people

Xian City Wall

The first landmark visitors will encounter in Xian is the ancient City Wall, which stretches round the old city. It is also one of the most famous attractions in Xian. Today, this wall represents one of the oldest and best preserved Chinese city walls, as well being one of the largest ancient military defensive systems in the world.

The first city wall of Changan was begun in 194 BC. The existing wall was started during the Ming Dynasty in 1370. Whilethe wall, the south and west walls were constructed on the base of the wall of Tang DynastyThe whole construction lasted 8 years from 1370 to 1378. Later in 1568, in the top and outside of the wall were covered with black bricks. During the of Ming Dynasty, in 1644, the governor of Shaanxi, Sun Chuangting, built at the four gates for guarding against the attack of Li Zhicheng. In 1643, Li Zhicheng Conquered Xian, proclaimed himself emperor, and titled his reigning dynasty as Shun. Basically following the Ming system, Qing Government renovated the city wall for 12 times.

Xian City Wall was built onof the Palace of Tang Dynasty. The existing wall was started during the Ming Dynasty in 1370; it is massive, measuring 13.7 km in circumference, 12 m in height, and 15–18 m in thickness at the base.

There is an enemy tower every 120 meters standing out of the wall, as high as the city wall, which is used for shooting enemies. There are 98 enemy towers around the city wall. Out of the wall, there is a city moat, which is 20 m wide and 10 m deep, forming a complete defense system with the city wall.

Xian Ancient City has four gates at south, north, east and west, the four directions: Changle Gate, Anding Gate, Yongning Gate and Anyuan Gate. Outside each gate, there is a. Each gate has 3 buildings: the gate, thewatchtower and the inner building. The inner building is-room wide, and 2-room deep, 36 m high, while thewatchtower is-room wide, 2-room deep, with a height of 33.4 m. Thewatchtower has 4 layers of windows, and each window has 12 holesXian City Wall International Marathon is held the first Sunday of November each year. It is a kind of special tourism products in recent years. The competition has attracted a total of more than 4,000 foreign athletes from over 50 countries to participate in the competition since 1993. Today, the tournament has been named the State Sports General Administration and the National Tourism Administration as a national sports tourism gold project, and has a certain amount of international influence.

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Muslim Street

$15 For 1 people

Muslim Street

Muslim street is the best-known food culture street in Xian and concentrated most snacks and is a must-go area in Xian with a history over thousands of years.
Muslim street is an area both for leisure and tourism. There are many local food restaurants together with street stand selling dried fruits. In the night, under the lanterns hanging around the street, while enjoy BBQ, hot pot, while bargaining with the local peddler, while flying in top buildings nearby, shaped a good view of urban life.

Every food soldMuslim Street is a made by the sweat and wisdom of Muslim. Though not so sophisticated as food sold in, but filled with simple local life, thus we name thoseas “snacks” circulated around thousands of years.

/uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-27/5c9aea0f9ca41.jpg /uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-27/5c9ae9b31dcd6.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-27/5c9ae9b3518a0.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-27/5c9ae9b37fcad.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-27/5c9ae9b3b1251.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-27/5c9ae9b3e5d5e.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-27/5c9ae9b41be51.jpg 15,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,7

The Tang Dynasty Show

$70 For 1 people

Normal Seating

The Tang Dynasty Show

  Xian (with history name as Changan), in the long history of China, there are altogether 13 dynasties built as capital. In which the peak dynasty Tang ( from 618 to 907) is like a colorful painting and a brilliant book, fully show the prosperous brilliance of Chinese ancient civilization. The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show is on behalf of the peak culture of the most prosperous Tang Dynasty.

  The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show gathers all the best-doings of Dance and Music from previous history, with essence of culture from western religions and foreign exotics, full shows a greetings from hundreds of nations, fusions from multi-nations and peak at folk and custom. The dance and music in Tang dynasty is momentous, meanwhile the state is quite magnificent, concentrating poem songs with singing, drum and bell into lightening music and romantic dance. The melody is very high-pitched, the acting is quite smooth, and costume is quite splendorous, everything is ranked as the toppest. The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show depict the peak of prosperous and peaceful Dynasty Tang. We are dedicatedly expecting the performance, not only bring to your best enjoyment in visual and sound, but also a good memory to you of the brilliant and long Chinese history.

The Tang Dynasty Show

  The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show is performed by the "Tang Dynasty Song & Dance Troupe", a branch of the "Shaanxi Provincial Song & Dance Troupe". This type of performance has been valued as a national art that reflects the glory and richness of the Tang Dynasty era.

  The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show has its roots in folk fetes, when dances were first performed by people as part of rituals of prayer for a good harvest or a better life. Over thousands of years, the dances developed from a few simple postures or gestures to become delicate and artistic reaching a peak during the Tang Dynasty. The show presented today is a recreation of a traditional entertainment attributable to a great variety of historical records and relics. The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show has now become a classic entertainment that has been warmly appreciated by audiences running into hundreds of thousands for more than twenty years. The production has toured many cities in China as well as numerous foreign countries such as Japan, Russia, Korea, Singapore, Norway, Denmark, etc.

  The show includes eight classical programs, namely the Melody of Longevity of the Emperor, White Ramie Cloth Costume Dance, Da Nuo Dance, Rainbow Skirt and the Feathered Coat Dance, Battling Dance of the King of Qin, Song of Spring Outing, Oriole Singing in Spring, and Ta Ge Dance. Among them, the Oriole Singing in Spring performed by the famous panpipe master Gao Ming is the peak.

The Tang Dynasty Show

  In addition to appreciating the wonderful performance, you can also enjoy the delicious meals provided at the Tang Dynasty Palace.

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Entrance fee described in the itinerary

Meals as described in the itinerary

Air-conditioned vehicle with driver 

English-speaking guide

A bottle of water per day per person

Hotel for 2 nights(if selected)

Travel insurance(if selected)


Tips to the guide and driver

Cable car

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Room 208,Business Building AQiantongtian.Longgang Road,Haidian district,Beijing


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