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Xiao long bao

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Xiao long bao

  The most authentic Xiao longbao in Shanghai is Nanxiang Xiao longbao.It is from Nanxiang Town, Jiading District,Shanghai.This food is famous for thin skinned,many filling,juicy,taste delicious.It is one of the traditional snacks that loved by domestic and foreign customers.

  The stuffing of Nanxiang Xiao longbao  is made of fresh pork meat.There is no onions and garlic in it.Only sprinkle a little ginger and pigskin jelly, salt, soy sauce, sugar and water to modulate it.The skin is made of unfermented refined flour.The finished Xiao longbao is small and exquisite,its shape like a pagoda,translucent.When you bite it,it tastes delicious.If you eat it with ginger,vinegar,coupled with a bowl of egg soup, it tastes better.It can be bitten at the bottom edge with a small mouth, sucking juice, and then chew the entrance taste, so you can enjoy the delicious and prevent the overflow of juice soile clothes.The scene of buying Xiao longbao is bustling,the cook is also busy packing Xiao longbao.Nanxiang Xiao longbao does not have the step of skin rolling,it is pressed into cake by the cook.This is probably unique of Nanxiang Xiao longbao.Besides we cannot see the step of modulation fillings.The modulation fillings of Nanxiang Xiaolongbao is commercial secrets.It was kept by a particular person,has not been disclosed.The fastest cook can make seven Xiao longbao in one minute.The authentic Nanxiang Xiao longbao,50 grams flour can make ten Xiao Longbao, more incredible is its stuffing is twice as big as its skin.

  Shanghai Nanxiang Xiao longbao has a history of more than 100 years.More than a century has passed,Nanxiang Xiao longbao has not been overwhelmed by the vicissitudes of life.The manufacturing process of Nanxiang Xiao longbao has been listed as the first batch of Shanghai intangible cultural heritage.It is currently declaring national intangible cultural heritage.If the declaration is succeed, Nanxiang Xiao longbao will become China's first national intangible cultural heritage of snack class.Nanxiang Xiao longbao went out of the country not long ago,the restaurant Guyiyuan opened a branch in Tokyo,it was welcomed by the Japanese so far.

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