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4-day Highlights Tour of Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou and Wuzhen Water Town

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 This private tour includes the highlights of the metropolis Shanghai, the garden town Suzhou and the West Lake town-Hangzhou. In Shanghai, the program includes the western-style towers that once made Shanghai Paris of the East along "the Bund", a panoramic view of Shanghai on top of "Oriental Pearl Tower", the informative "Shanghai Museum", and Old French Concession and Tianzifang. In Suzhou, see the largest garden "the Humble Administrator's Garden" and famous Lingering Garden, the elegant "Panmen City Gate". Explore Wuzhen Water Town in one day. In Hangzhou, have a cruise on the famous "West Lake" and learn about the tea culture.

Tour Itinerary Open All
1 2 3 4

Day 1 Shanghai

After the early morning pickup from the hotel, you will visit the Oriental Pearl Tower which is one of the world's highest towers and one of Shanghai's landmarks. From the top with 468 meters high, you'll enjoy a bird's eye view of this vibrant city. Next, visit the architectural complex of the Bund covering the Bank of China tower, Peace Hotel, Customs House tower, and other famous buildings built by western nations during the colonial era. Later, go to the Shanghai Museum which is one of the most important museums in China for ancient Chinese art. Afterwards, move to Old Frech Concession which is the ideal for history buffs, you'll know how trendy boutiques and restaurants have transformed this historic area. After admiring classic old buildings, you'll walk to Tianzifang. This trendy enclave is a former residential area and many of its traditional lane-houses have been re-purposed to house art galleries, shops and cafes. 



Scenic spots included in the itinerary


Former French Concession

Oriental Pearl Tower

Shanghai Museum



Day 2 Shanghai-Suzhou by Private Vehicle

Today 's tour starts with a pickup from hotel, then drive to Suzhou. After arrival, you'll visit Humble Administrator's Garden which listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, about 60% of its area is covered with water and there is an extensive network of paths and bridges following streams which forms a magnificent place for resting and views. Then visit the Lingering Garden. There was an abundance of Bonsai trees, ponds and paths interspersed with quiet rooms for reflection. Later, visit Panmen City Gate. As the only gate connecting water and land, the Panmen City Gate is the symbol for ancient Suzhou. Afterward, visit the Suzhou No.1 Silk Factory on learning the process of making silk and quilts. At last, check in the hotel in Suzhou.



Scenic spots included in the itinerary

Humble Administrator’s Garden

Lingering Garden

Panmen City Gate


Day 3 Suzhou-Wuzhen-Hangzhou by Private Vehicle

After breakfast, drive to Wuzhen Water Town(1.5-2 hrs). You'll visit Jiangnan Hundred Beds Museum, this museum holds dozens of examples of finely crafted beds from the Ming and Qing dynasties to modern times. With exquisite design and workmanship, these are more than items of furniture, but excellently-preserved examples of Chinese folk art. Later, visit the Folk Custom Show Room, you can learn the interesting wedding, seasonal changes and lifestyle of local people dating back to the late 19th centuries. Afterwards, move to Sanbai Wine Workshop, one of the most famous distilleries in the Jiangnan area, dating back to the Ming Dynasty. At last, head to Hongyuan Thai dye house, you can have a look at the production base and distribution center of the indigo cloth. In the late afternoon, drive to Hangzhou (1.5-2 hrs) and check in the hotel. 



Scenic spots included in the itinerary

Wuzhen Water Town


Day 4 Hanghzhou-Shanghai by Private Vehicle

In the early morning, visit the West Lake which effectively functioned as the center of Hangzhou. The lake is surrounded by hills on three sides while Hangzhou city itself is on the eastern shore. After enjoying a cruise on West Lake, visit the China National Tea Museum to learn more history of tea. It is not only an exhibition center of Chinese tea culture but also a professional facility to collect tea cultural relics and materials. It is an important base for tea research and culture activities and, most importantly, a cradle to educate the world with Chinese tea art and culture. After lunch at a local tea farmer's house, visit Mei Jia Wu Tea Village. Enjoy the natural environment and beautiful village scenery while learning more about their special tea culture and how to appreciate the sophisticated taste and aroma of Longjing tea. At the Tea House, learn how to make the Longjing Tea including tea leaves picking, frying and tasting. Afterwards, admire Six Harmonies Pagoda, and you will be greeted by a nice view of whole West Lake when you climbed on the top. At last, you are transferred back to your hotel in Shanghai. 



Scenic spots included in the itinerary

Mei Jia Wu Tea Village

Six Harmonies Pagoda

West Lake

Hotel Location

5 Star Hotel

4 Star Hotel

3 Star Hotel

Jin Jiang Hotel
Golden River-view Hotel
Hanchao Hotel
Suyuan Hotel
Holiday Inn Express Suzhou Changjiang
JinJiang Inn Select Suzhou Shengze Sunhuxilu hotel
Grand Metropark Hotel
Relax Hotel
Overseas Chinese Hotel

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Huangpu River Cruise

$72 For 1 people

Huangpu River Cruise

It divided into day cruise and night cruise. Night cruise has become the most distinctive tourist project. You can see both banks of the Huangpu River on this cruise. The style of buildings along the bank are various, take 50-minute to relax and have a panoramic view of breathtaking modern skyscrapers and Chinese ancient quaint bridges under the reflection of colorful lights, which forms an awe-inspiring sight in front of our eyes. And you can explore the newly developed business district at Lujiazui.

The cruise will open from 11:00 am to 21:30 pm every day. 

Visitors can choose the following schedules: 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 14:30, 15:00, 15:30, 16:00, 16:30, 17:00, 18:00, 18:30, 18:45, 19:00, 19:15, 19:30, 19:45, 20:00, 20:15, 20:30, 20:45, 21:00, 21:15, 21:30 (Schedules will do some adjustment based on the season, time, water of level and other factors).

Ps: Ticket is free for children under 13 years old.

/uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-27/5c9b1db770c5a.jpg /uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-27/5c9b1db772eaf.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-27/5c9b1db7af79e.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-27/5c9b1db7e612e.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-27/5c9b1db81fb5a.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-27/5c9b1db84f27a.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/2019-03-27/5c9b1db87cee6.jpg 65,65,65,65,65,65,65,65,65,72

Shanghai Acrobatic Show

$72 For 1 people

Normal Seating

Shanghai Acrobatic Show

  Chinese Acrobatics is one of the oldest performing arts. Its history can be traced back to Neolithic times. It is believed that acrobatics grew out of labor and self-defense skills, which people practiced and demonstrated during their leisure time. The early performance is "walking on three-meter-high stilts while juggling seven gaggers". Then it developed into an entire art formTogether with the developing economy, acrobatics is also evolving into a kind of performing art. It became well known worldwide while performances are presented along the Silk Road. In Europe and North America, Chinese acrobatic performances always attract large audiences.

  Many acrobatic shows come from the art performance of living skills and labor skills. Acrobatic show has a history of over 2000 years in China. It is named as “Baixi” in Han dynasty, “sanle” in Sui and Tang Dynasty, named as Acrobatic after Tang and Song dynasty in order to differentiate from acts in other forms.

  There are nine specialties in acrobatic.

  Acrobatic pays lot of attentions on leg and waist training. Since ancient, Chinese acrobat focus on the position “top”. There are many “Stand on one’s head”, and “somersault” depicted in ancient fresco and earthenwares. For Chinese acrobatic, including actor of ancient show, he should has very deep Kung Fu foundation.

  “Stable” out of “steep” while “move” is out of “stable” are both for showing a very quiet and accurate hard skill. Such as walking on the steel rod which require all actions for stable. The moving bench and ladder, one after another, but needs the man on the top find the stable from the move and it require a stable head, super skill, and hard training . It shows fully the super skill of our mankind conquering danger and difficulties.

  “Unique” is out of the “usual”. From none to everything, it fully shows our mankind creating the world. Different from western magic, which focus on colorful stage property, Chinese magic only needs very simple property. From cuisine to fish and bird alive, a simple long sleeve gown can turn out everything. Or one somersault can turn into a firing bronze basin or another one for a fish bowl with water and fish.

  Hard and soft Kung Fu combines. Kicking is mostly acted by women. The actor lies and kick thing including wine jar, colorful bowl, clock, tables, ladder, wooden pole, wooden plate, drum and bell,  from weightless umbrella to heavy living persons. Things kicked is rotating quickly, jumping back and forth. From the smooth vase to heavy wooden desk, everything is kicked so quickly only for image, not for picture.

  Super power and Nimble dexterous somersault combines. According to history record, the seat for human pyramid is quite amazing. Previously history record, 18 men seats on one man while 6 men seats on one man both appeared. Over a thousand jin including eight men seats on one man fully show the program well. The traditional “ Pulling the bow” and “playing with knife” are both heavy-loaded hard Kung Fu.

  There are a great amount of living utensils and labor instruments used in the acrobatic show including bowl, plate, altar, handleless cup, rod, whip, fork, pole, ladder, desk, chair, umbrella and cap. Those normal things is changeable in the hands of acrobatic, fully exhibited a close tie between labor life with Chinese acrobatic show.

  Simple arts and body arts combine. “playing fun with altar”, “rotating plate” combine both Porcelain painting with traditional Chinese acrobatic. In the kicking show, the colorful umbrella and colorful peddle the same offer feeling of ancient aesthetics.

  Chinese acrobatic is quite accommodated in different style and various places. From market, theatre, lane, room with place of hundreds of people to only one, Chinese acrobatic is fit for any places with thousands years of history.

  Chinese acrobatic has an intimate heritage tradition. One generation after another generation, regional, blood-related and sister arts,  previous acrobats are always inherited and passed around.

/uploads/main/litimg/20161227/20161227144509.jpg /uploads/main/litimg/20161227/20161227144509.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161227/20161227144527.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161227/20161227144539.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161227/20161227144548.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161227/20161227144611.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161227/20161227144625.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161227/20161227144654.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161227/20161227144712.jpg,/uploads/main/litimg/20161227/20161227144730.jpg 72,72,72,72,72,72,72,72,72,70 105,105,105,105,105,105,105,105,105,100

Inclusions & Exclusions

Booking Notes


Entrance fees as described 

Air-conditioned vehicle with driver 

English speaking guide


A bottle of water per day per person

Cruise on West Lake 

Hotel pick-up and drop off service

Hotel for 4 nights (if selected)


Tips to guide and driver

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J P Yadav


Can you provide us with additional day or two at Shanghai after returning from Hangzhou. If yes what will be the itinenary for the fifth/sixth day and what will be the effect on costing. We are a group of 7-10 people planning to visit Shanghai in October.

Warm greetings from ChinaToursNet.

One of our tour operators will contact you soon.







Room 208,Business Building AQiantongtian.Longgang Road,Haidian district,Beijing


1:We are in Beijing

2:No hidden fees

3:Downtown hotel

4:professional tour guildes and drivers

5:Flexible tour time,private tour group,customized tour service

6:free mineral water

7:Guarantee enough visiting time

8:Guarantee your satisfactory with your choice





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