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Mutianyu Great Wall Layover Tour

Mutianyu Great Wall Layover Tour


Information you should know about Mutianyu Great Wall

1. Mutianyu Great Wall opening time:

Peak season: 16 March-15 Nov, 7:30am-18:00(working days), 7:30-18:30(weekends)

Off season: 16 Nov-15 March, 8:00-17:00


2. Admission fee: $6

Cable car or Chairlift single way: $15; round way $18

Cable car/Chairlift+Toboggan slide down: $18


Cable car/chairlift opening time: 8:00-17:00(summer); 8:30-16:30(winter)

Toboggan opening time: 8:00-16:50(working days); 8:00-17:00(weekends)

There are 3 ways to up to this beautiful Great Wall. You have the optional choice for taking chairlift, cable car up to the Mutianyu Great Wall. After exploration, take interesting toboggan down to the foot of the Great Wall.



Method 1: Take the chairlift up to the 6th watchtower.



Method 2: Take cable car up to the 14th watchtower.


Cable Car

Method 3: Hike to tower 8th or 14th watchtower by hiking (takes around 50 minutes).

3. Distance from Beijing Capital International Airport: 55km(35 miles), 1-1.5 hours for one way

 Distance from Beijing Daxing International Airport: 130km(81 miles), 2-2.5 hours for one way


4. Time for exploring on the Great Wall: around 2-3 hours

5. Best travel time: spring and autumn

6. Comfortable shoes are highly recommended.

7. You’d better bring sunscreen, hat and bottled water if you visit Mutianyu Great Wall in summer.

8. Check the weather forecast in advance. The long warm jacket will be provided in winter.

How to Arrange Your Mutianyu Great Wall Layover Tour?

Step 1: Go through immigration and get free visa transit permit(1-1.5 hours).

Step 2: Free exploration on the Great Wall and drop you off at the airport. (Round-way transfer+ exploration on Great Wall within 4-5 hours)

Step 3: Spare 2 hours for going through the security and immigration for your next flight.



Why Mutianyu Great Wall Layover Tour is so popular?

1. Mutianyu Great Wall is the closest Great Wall from the Beijing International Capital Airport(PEK), travelers can experience and enjoy one of the section of Great Wall in the limited time(within 5 hours).

2. Mutianyu Great Wall has less steep steps, with the amusement facility of the chairlift, cable car and toboggan, it’s suitable for all ages to have fun on the Great Wall.

3. Comparing with other sections of Great Wall, well-preserved Mutianyu Great Wall has the best scenery all year round, no matter when you come to Mutianyu Great Wall, you will enjoy unique beauty and grandness of Great Wall.

4. Mutianyu Great Wall is less crowded, so reduce the time for traffic jams and lining up at the spot. Besides, you have the chance to take the most beautiful photos without many travelers as the background.



How to Get to Mutianyu Great Wall from Beijing Capital International Airport?

Sorry to tell that there is no direct bus to Mutianyu Great Wall from Beijing Capital International Airport now. But you have chances to transfer multiples buses to arrive Mutianyu Great Wall. There are detailed information for transferring.


Route 1: T3 Terminal, Konggang Bus 10(空港10路)--Hualikan(花梨坎), transfer Line 916(916路)--Huairou BeiDaJie(怀柔北大街)--transfer H23 Bus, get off at Xinying(辛营)

Cost: $2

Time: 3-4 hours


Route 2: T3 Terminal, Take Capital Airport Line(首都机场线)--Dongzhimen(东直门), Walk to Dongzhimen Junction Station(637 meters), take 916 Express Bus(916快线)--Huairou BeiDaJie(怀柔北大街)--transfer H23 Bus, get off at Xinying(辛营)

Cost: $6

Time: 3-4 hours


Rout 3: T3 Terminal, Take Airport Bus Line 4(机场大巴4号线公主坟线)--Xibahe(西坝河), transfer 916 Express Bus(916快线)--Huairou BeiDaJie(怀柔北大街)--transfer H23 Bus, get off at Xinying(辛营)

Cost: $5.5

Time: 3-4 hours


If you have a limited budget, consider the Mutianyu Great Wall layover group tour, which departures at 7am every day, this group tour requires 2 persons booking.

If your flight arrival time doesn’t meet for the group tour, there are alternative choices, join the Mutianyu Great Wall layover private tour which can adjust to your flight arrival time, more flexible and it's only for you and your party, no need to wait for others.

Another choice is that you may book a private car with driver who will pick you up and drop you off at the airport.


Popular Questions Asked by Travelers

Q1: Is there any restaurant for a meal?

A: Yes, there are at least 15 restaurants at the foot of the Mutianyu Great Wall.


Q2: How can I purchase the cable car tickets at Mutianyu Great Wall? Can I pay USD dollars?

A: If you book a tour, your tour guide will assist you to purchase tickets on the tour date. No problem with paying tour guide in USD dollar.


Q3: Can you send me back to hotel instead of airport after visiting Mutianyu Great Wall?

A: No problem with that! And there is no additional cost.


Q4: I am a solo traveler, can I join in the Mutianyu Great Wall layover group tour?

A: In general, the layover group tour requires 2 persons booking. Please provide us your flight details and tour date when sending an email for request. We will check if there are other solo travelers who will take the group tour on that day.


Q5: Where to store my luggage when I am taking the tour?

A: For the Beijing layover tour, your luggage will ship to the final destination. If you bring handbags, you can store in the car or use the left-luggage service at the airport.


Q6: Will it be faster if I already have a Chinese visa?

A: If you have a Chinese visa, you will get out of the airport by regular process, which takes around 1 hour.


Q7: What’s the refund policy if our flight delayed?

A: If your flight is canceled or delayed and you inform us at least 4 hours in advance before the scheduled pick-up time, there is no cancellation fee.

If you are not able to get out of the airport for some reasons, we will refund the money to you (Excluding driver and guide airport transfer charges)


Check our customer's review about our website. can customize your Beijing layover tour according to your request and interests, don’t hesitate to ask us if you have questions.

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