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How to Apply 24/144 hours Free-visa transit for your Beijing Layover Tour

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Beijing Airport Layover Tours

Beijing airport layover tours can lead you to travel the iconic spots in Beijing according to your layover duration. Beijing has offered 24 and 144 hours free-visa policy, travelers can apply for a free visa if meets the criteria,


Popular Attractions for Beijing Airport Layover Tours

1. Great Wall Layover Tour

Hike the grand Great Wall, one of seven wonders, that you yearn for years. Learn Chinese history and culture, and enjoy charming scenery along the way.

Visit Time: 2 hours


2. Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City Layover Tour

Pass the biggest city square-Tiananmen Square, enter the famous Forbidden City, one of the largest and complete ancient wooden structures in the world.

Note: It is closed every Monday.

Visit Time: 2 hours


3. Summer Palace

The Summer Palace in Beijing integrates numerous traditional halls and pavilions, charming Kunming Lake into the Imperial Garden.

Visit Time: 1.5 hours


4. Temple of Heaven

A tranquil imperial palace for annual sacrifice praying for a good harvest. Learn traditional Chinese culture through ancient buildings.

Visit Time: 1.5 hours

Besides, other highlights of Beijing are Hutong, Beijing Zoo for cute pandas, Ming Tombs, etc.



The best time to visit Beijing is spring and autumn, not too cold or hot. Even in winter, travelers will be provided with warm jackets during Beijing airport layover tours. For summer, your tour guide and driver will find a way to cool down.

Better to check out the weather when you plan your Beijing airport layover tour.

Left Luggage Service

Beijing Capital International Airport provides the left luggage service, if you would like to store your luggage at the airport, you need to check out the price and its location for different terminals. Or you can bring your luggage and store it in the car as long as you booked one of our Beijing airport layover tours, and your driver will keep it safe.


Other Notice:

1. Remember to bring toilet paper in case some toilets don’t provide it.

2. Highly recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes. Great Wall is too steep to climb with high-heels, even you walk around the city for hours, it would be unbearable.

3. Don’t drink faucet water since it doesn’t purify like other counties.

4. Protect yourself from blazing sunshine in summer, sunglasses, sunscreen, sun-proof clothing or sunshade are necessary. At least bring 2 bottled water.

5. Bring anti-haze mask in winter to keep the polluted air from your mouth and nose. Besides, it can protect your face from frigid wind.

6. Ask driver charge by meter instead of the promised price. Some bad driver might charge you more or just drop you off on the way.

7. Better to find a professional travel agency for your Beijing airport layover tours, ask them to advise for your layover tour according to your duration and interests.

9. If you plan to visit Beijing downtown on your own, the subway map will help you a lot.  

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