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Beijing Layover Senior Tour

Are you looking for the best places for senior travelers and want to create a memorable travel experience during Beijing layover tour?


We highly recommend that senior take a private tour, and we can make more flexible and relaxing itinerary according to traveler’s health condition and pace. And considerate lunch caters to the senior’s taste and accessible vehicle to provide to save energy during sightseeing period.


Why we don’t recommend group tour?

First of all, the exercise intensity for every traveler is different. But for elderly traveler, they might feel hard to do long trek or walking. Furthermore, group tour is well organized in a strict schedule, not like flexible private tour. Last but very important, the meal might not cater for your needs.


ChinaToursNet takes walking intension and accessibility into consideration during Beijing layover senior tour and create a suitable itinerary.

Which section of Great Wall best for elderly?

The top recommendation is Mutianyu Great Wall, get the cable car up and save much energy, with less steep stairs, get the best view of the grand Great Wall. Besides, slide down by toboggan is quite fun.

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